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Social media VS “Educational media”

Is it possible to replace all the mindless scrolling through social media by an educational media which will try or will help people to re-think and follow the purpose of their lives?

It’s possible! But for that we need to create a social cum educational media which will connect people with each other as is done by the present day social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. but for an educational interaction rooted in learning. The mindless scrolling can be replaced by mindful learning and to start with it, we firstly need a platform that enables this. Because, we know that, to shape the iron we need the iron!

Maybe the social media help you a lot but think twice… if they help you 20% then they definitely waste 80% of your creative time.

Have I a solution?

Yes! Something called “X-tra” is on the way. May be it will take some time but it will definitely come into being. But for that, I need help since I am not a professional coder or computer/software engineer. I need a few enthusiastic people to work on this project. 

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The problem we are facing:

Today I am doing my graduation from Fergusson College, Pune in Physics (currently in S.Y.B.Sc) totally on the scholarship which I receive from government. Therefore, the main issue is that I am not able to invest money in my dream project “X-tra”.

When will X-tra come to life?

Vargshikshak (वर्गशिक्षक means a school teacher) is working on this project since May – 2018, but because of lack of knowledge about computer, android, software, I am unable to build X-tra but I have the plan prepared. When I will find some good people to make it possible then, “X-tra” will come alive!

Why am I posting it?

“No one knows what will happen in future.

I believe that X-tra will be helpful for all people and for these five major areas of development.

Social media haven’t exactly been a boon for all. Today, we find a lot many good things happening because of technological advancements but there have been unpleasant consequences, too. We see issues like addiction where the world of social media takes a toll on our mindfulness and self-control. We consume a lot of things we never ask for and going down the in the addictive spiral becomes a problem. 

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Latest update on the project:

15th August 2020: We have made a rough prototype for X-tra with the help of a survey corroborating the need of such a platform. 

We’ll keep you updated on this. Till then, let us all be mindful with the use of social media. 

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