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“Let us Code” | About Programing

“Kick for computer science”

Aim: To generate curiosity about computer science Field wants to tell some facts and wants to remove misunderstandings about computer science field

Let start ::

About Writer ::

I am Rushikesh pursuing Bsc (Computer Science) at fergusson college pune. This blog will be for anyone who is interested in Computer Science, be it a middle school student 8 or a class 12 student preparing for his/her school exam, or a college student who is interested.

As now ; I am in First year of Bsc comp. So , I am not a ‘hackerman type’ coder, but I guess I know enough to set up a path for people who are about to start with programming. I know C very well also it will helpful for those people who wants to pursue there degree in computer science


There are always some questions ! which trouble beginners a lot !!!! I had those questions in my mind too, when I was about to join college.

Some of these include-

1) I don’t know where to start.

2)Why should I learn to code?

3)I am not in Computer Science branch in my college, I think I should focus more on my subject instead of learning Computers.

4)Which ‘language’ should I begin with?

Coding is something which even a class 6 student can do(or at least class 8). it is not a very huge thing. People think coding is something like building “Google and Facebook etc.”

These companies employ thousands of highly trained individuals(only a few IITians from top colleges manage to land a job there). Please don’t think too much in the initial stages, and focus on yourself. It’s a skill acquired over years, and it’s not tough if you keep yourself motivated. Programming is fun and everyone must learn it. It is a very easy thing, contrary to public opinion.

Programming isn’t tough or something magical. your should be try to thing as much as you can.

You might not be knowing it, but you already know a lot of Computer Science! You might be knowing many Algorithms

Computer Science is the future.

You can practically go to any field of interest if you are into it. So yeah, it’s definitely worth trying!.probably every imaginable field of science is benefitted from the existence of Computers in some way or the other.

I personally feel that C programming language must be your first programming or else you can go through python also.(but it’s easy and has got its demerit as a first language(you will find it tough to move to C if know python as your first language where as learning python after C is trivial).step by step approach of learning of programming

I’ll will tell in following steps::::

Find a course on C.

I personally recommend

“mysirg tutorial videos “

Mysirg YouTube channel

They are especially in hindi language and explain in very simple way to clear each every concept and nice thing is this course totally free if you watch and practice 2-3 videos every day then you can easily finish it in 1 month

Make sure you implement everything taught either on someone or on your computers IDE for example code blocks or onlinegdb. The first video in this series explains how to install and use it. Follow the instructions well, I don’t think there would be any issue. Don’t move to the next video without understanding and practicing the previous one on your own.

After completing the above tutorial, you might wanna have a good revision tool. It can be a book, a website, an app, etc. I personally find books useful. Books have questions in them, and theory too. Reading a book will really tell you much more than what you can learn from an online tutorial. I guess you can start with this very famous book called Let us C (yaswant kaentkar) or book written by E Balguruswamy. I think it is really good. It will prove very beneficial after you have done mysirg tutorials. This is not a very good book according to many people, but it will surely help you get the basics easily.

Also, there is this app called Sololearn, which is useful if you want to catch up the syntax of any language.

Get practices source:::

There are tonnes of websites out there which contain questions for practice. A good one is SPOJ.

Spoj website

also There are many other sites like CodeChef, HackerRank,tutorial point, CodeForces, HackerEarth, etc. I personally find HackerRank good, but SPOJ is the best, because it requires thinking about the problem from scratch without any precoded stuff.

I personally feel this is a good strategy to learn how to programme, for the absolute beginner. After this, you should go for studying Data Structures and Algorithms, which I will post soon(once I am done with that stuff).

Thanks and all the best!!!

Feedback is welcome in comments, and do tell your friends about the CS section of the blog.

Also for any query you can find me on Instagram

Rushikesh palve (Insta)

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