memories, SAATHI 2019-2020

3) A meet with Subhash Karmarkar Sir

सुभाष करमरकर ( Subhash Karmarkar ) Sir, an orator and a Founder of divine vision world family ( Click here to View the Magzine )

Subhash Karmarkar Sir, who had visited he college on the occasion of Braille Day ( 4 January 2019 ) made a small visit to A3. In month of August 2020.

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He is a really good orator and after coming to Saathi, he gave some guidance to the co-ordinators and some volunteers who were present there. He spoke about life and education and everyone was delighted to have him talk with them personally.

Pranali : why she joined Saathi

It’s always a wonderful session with him , as he shared his experience and knowledge in a very friendly manner which helped everyone gain a beautiful perspective towards life.

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