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Let’s Record @punekar_news

If you are interested in knowing how Let’s Record was started and how we are bringing a change in the society, do read the article below which was published in the well-known hyperlocal news portal of Pune, Maharashtra.

📰 Punekar News dt. 14/09/20

Click here to read the full article.

Let’s Record completes half a year this month and this growing support is all the encouragement we need! 🥳🥳


Let’s  Record  more!

Let’s  Reach  more!

Let’s  Rise  together!

Our Initiative is an open volunteering platform, where you can record audiobooks for the benefit of visually impaired students. If you haven’t joined us yet, feel free to join anytime. You can also lend us support by sharing our messages and by letting people around you know about this initiative. We endeavor to bring much more soon! And always!

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