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The R.E.A.D Club of Kerala, India

R.E.A.D : Read, Explore, Ask, Discover.

The R E.A.D Club is a social enterprise established in 2016 in Ernakulam, Kerala, India for children to nurture curiosity, creativity and love for learning through the world of stories and art. The R.E.A.D Club derives its name from the four fundamental, essential attributes of learning – Read, Explore, Ask, Discover.

The Founder Sangeetha Suryanarayanan and Co-founder C. Deepalakshmi believe that stories are a great way to inculcate the attributes of READ, EXPLORE, ASK and DISCOVER in children.

R.E.A.D Club has tried to achieve it through the means of;

1) Setting up Classroom Libraries for children in lower primary classes in local government schools to enable them to be in an environment of curiosity, inquiry, discovery through books and stories habitually inculcating in them a love for books, love for reading, helping them to improve their creativity, language, vocabulary and communication skills in the long run.

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2) Conducting “Tell me a Story” Sessions where stories are told and shared, helping children to explore the world around them creatively through stories, rhymes, songs, role-plays, games, fun DIY art and craft activities, giving the children a chance to nurture their curious spirit, also helping them to improve their ability to express and communicate their ideas creatively.

As Einstein said “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”, we need young minds of our nation to understand the world around them, to be curious, to question, to think creatively and empathetically, to come up with innovative solutions for a better life, to improve the way we function as a society, and as a nation. “We, from the R.E.A.D Club, are doing our small part to inculcate these in our children through our stories and activities, hoping that it would contribute to them to be better citizens for a better tomorrow”, said Mrs. Sangeetha.

News Coverage:

Article in The New Indian Express 📰 We are thankful to the team of R.E.A.D Club for raising the issues of Visually Challenged students, for creating awareness about Community Service and for recording books for our Let’s Record Initiative.

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on 20th of March.

On World Storytelling Day, many people tell and listen to stories in as many languages and at as many places as possible. On this occasion, R.E.A.D Club brought a special story by a Special Guest, Mr. Raam Singh (VI Student of JNU Delhi and a Member of Let’s Record Initiative).

Watch the Video:

This story was covered in the news-

After reading this article and watching the storytelling video of Mr. Raam, Mr. Aman Kumar, a student of the Banaras Hindu University and a UPSC Aspirant said, “The story of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is really inspiring. A man who, even having a sound background, faced discrimination and hatred each and everyday only due to his birth in a so-called untouchable caste. His journey from a Dalit child to a man writing the Constitution for India must be read and celebrated.”

The youth plays a great role in nation-building. It has the power to help a country develop and move towards progress. It also is responsible for bringing social reform within a country. The youth of a country determines the future of a nation and for this The R.E.A.D Club is making their contribution in a great manner.

– Blog By Vishal P. S. Palve

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