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A group of disorders that cause red blood cells to become misshapen and break down. With sickle cell disease, an inherited group of disorders, red blood cells contort into a sickle shape. The cells die early, leaving a shortage of healthy red blood cells (sickle cell anemia) and can block blood flow causing pain (sickle cell crisis).


Infections, pain and fatigue are symptoms of sickle cell disease.

People may experience:

  • Pain in the joints
  • Pain can be sudden in the chest
  • Whole body dizziness, fatigue, low oxygen in the body, or malaise
  • Inability to make concentrated or dilute urine or blood in urine
  • The symptoms like abnormal breakdown of red blood cells, inflamed fingers or toes, pallor, shortness of breath, or yellow skin and eyes are common.

Cure for sickle cell disease:

Treatment for sickle cell disease depends on severity. Treatments include medication, blood transfusions and rarely a bone-marrow transplant.

Larenz Tate

The Love Jones actor is a national spokesman for sickle cell disease awareness, telling WebMD, “It’s really important to know if you carry the disease. If you can prevent the disease, you can really make a difference in someone’s life.


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