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Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-4 #VishayHard

Team Vishay Hard was the fourth team in Saathi Trivia Weekend whose interaction was scheduled on May 1, 2021, at 6:30 PM.

Because there were students from the first year who still hadn’t visited the college, a short video was played for them in the beginning. This video had memories from last year’s events conducted in Saathi. The students were thrilled to see the college even if it was virtually. The actual event started with everyone’s introduction. People had to introduce them with their name, where they hail from, and three words that best describe them. Even though the introduction took longer than anticipated, it was a fun activity to see people struggle with the adjectives that speak for themselves.

The next game was about building a story, which was more fun than it sounds. Students were asked to create a story that included their favorite characters. It could be any character from any sitcom, English or Hindi. As everyone spoke, their story got more interesting while being hilarious. The story included characters like Chandler Bing, Jethalal, Rachel Green, Shinchan, Harry Potter and the settings were equally laughable. Nonetheless, everyone had an amusing time before they moved on to the next bit of the program, which was the actual trivia.

Team Vishay Hard was further divided into four more groups prior to the event. These teams were Team Nohara, Team Pikachu, Team Strawperries, and Team Dorara. There were two games, namely the Rapid Fire and Nostalgic Tunes that would decide the winner in the end based on the scores the teams get.

The Rapid Fire had 5 rounds. The first round was the Timeless Sitcoms, the second being the Bollywood Masala, the third round was Gaano ki Masti and the fourth round was Celebrities. Each round had 4 questions and each correct answer gave the teams a point. People had a tough time answering a couple of questions, but the others, especially in the round Gaano ki Masti, were confused as everyone had to select the right answer from the million songs Bollywood has. The last round was a hit because it was Familiarly Unfamiliar Fergusson. The name itself elucidated how the questions were going to be. Students taking part in the Saathi Trivia Weekend were from the first and the second year, so it was going to be exciting for all of them to have questions related to it. Surprisingly, the first-year students knew as much about Fergusson as the second-year students. So, to bring a slight twist in the story, a bonus question was added, which would instantly give one team 10 bonus points to help them win. Team Pikachu answered the question right, and they got the 10 points, thus paving their way towards winning the first night.

The second game was Nostalgic Tunes. It had short advertisement tunes from the 1990s and 2000s and people had to state the correct order in which they were played. It was a team game, which needed everyone to focus and state the right answers if they had to win. Every team got a mix of 6 tunes and they were getting points for every right answer they gave in the sequence. Almost everyone had their answers correct because who doesn’t enjoy a bit of nostalgia?

After the games, there was a brief session where some could come up and express what they felt about Saathi, but the catch was that they had to use a food dish as their metaphor. Folks came up with unique answers and by the end, everyone was eager to know who the winner would be. Who else could it be than Team Pikachu! They had won with a whopping score that was more than any other team. Hence it was decided that the members of Team Pikachu had received the ticket to the finale and were to represent Team Vishay Hard in the next day’s event.

The first day of the Trivia Weekend for Team Vishay Hard was quite something, mostly because despite being miles away from each other, they could spend such a fantastic time. The blind students felt grateful that they could talk and enjoy some games with the volunteers who’ve been helping them out since day one. On the other hand, the volunteers were glad to interact with the blind students even if it was virtually.

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