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Experience / Learnings From Dr. Ambedkar Audiobook Project!

MEENA GOKHALE: (VOLUME- 11, 18, 12, 28, 32)

Hello, I am Meena Gokhale, from Pune, a trained social worker. After working as a development professional for around 30 years, at the age of 60 years I took a break and shifted to voluntary work. Presently I work with a few voluntary organisations and with Let’s record initiative, I read books for visually impaired students. The recording of  Dr. Ambedkar’s Samagra Vangmay was started on demand by Ram Singh, a PhD student of JNU. I chose to join this as an opportunity to know more about Dr. Ambedkar. The experience of reading through varied volumes was very much insightful about not only his multidimensional personality but his clarity of thoughts,  perseverance to ensure equity and justice.


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