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Saathi 2021-22

Saathi Enabling Centre, as a unit of Fergusson College works with students with disabilities with the aim of integrating them with the campus life of the college and to create a friendly space in and beyond the campus to bridge the gap between 'abled' and 'disabled'. Every year, Saathi conducts a new range of activities… Continue reading Saathi 2021-22

SAATHI 2021-2022

Valedictorian Programme

On 21st May, 2022 Annual Report of Saathi Enabling Centre 2021-22 was presented and published in the presence of Principal Dr. Ravindrasing Pardeshi, Chief Guest Mr. Vishal Palve (Fergusson Alumni, Former Coordinator of Saathi and Founder, Let's Record Initiative), Special Guest Mrs. Shalinee Teke (Help the Blind Foundation). Since 2020-21 was entirely an online-year for… Continue reading Valedictorian Programme

SAATHI 2021-2022

Saathi Trip 2022

20th May, 2022Coming towards the end of the annual year 2021-22, Saathi Enabling Centre arranged an excursion of one day to Mahabaleshwar on Thursday, 19th May. 68 volunteers, who had worked a lot throughout the year and participated actively in Annual Fest, our lovable 12 blind students and the 4 teachers including Saathi's teacher coordinator… Continue reading Saathi Trip 2022

SAATHI 2021-2022

Saathi Departmental Fest 2022

The concluding day of the fest was a fun ride throughout. Students, volunteers gathered in the early hours at their respective departments and prepped for the Departmental Rally. Saathi volunteers seemed super enthusiastic and were ready to give shoutouts, hold posters and the Saathi banner. The rally began around 9 AM and lasted for over… Continue reading Saathi Departmental Fest 2022

SAATHI 2021-2022

Fest: Performaces @Spandan

The most awaited announcement was finally done! Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune, held its most prestigious event, Fergusson College Festival (FEST 2022). The event was scheduled for three consecutive days – 7th, 8th and 9th April 2022. Students were ecstatic and enthusiastic as always but this year there seemed an added tinge to excitement among students,… Continue reading Fest: Performaces @Spandan

SAATHI 2021-2022

Volunteering at Job Fairs

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is an organization working for the empowerment of persons with disabilities and the underserved through its diverse initiatives focused on providing quality education, accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training and placement based rehabilitation. It facilitates opportunities to enable persons with disabilities and the underserved to keep pace with the rest of… Continue reading Volunteering at Job Fairs

SAATHI 2021-2022

Geology Museum Visit

26th March, 2022SAATHI Enabling Centre always plans various activities in the direction of overall academic understanding for all the specially-abled students so that they do not lag behind in the academic front. As part of the Innovators for Change activity which aimed at providing practical knowledge of geography to the visually impaired students, a geology… Continue reading Geology Museum Visit

SAATHI 2021-2022

Braille Day Exhibition

4th January, 20224th January is observed as World Braille Day, it is the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the ‘Father of Braille’. Braille is the script used by visually impaired people. Saathi Enabling Centre of Fergusson College, Pune; on this occasion, had organized a ‘Braille Fest Exhibition’. The objects showcased and explained by the students… Continue reading Braille Day Exhibition

SAATHI 2021-2022

Mobility Workshop

10th March, 2022SAATHI Enabling Centre had organised Mobility Workshop on 8th and 9th March 2022. Mobility workshop was particularly arranged for the visually impaired students of Fergusson College, Pune. The objective of this two day workshop was to work towards making the blind students independent, by teaching them the effective use of overall senses in… Continue reading Mobility Workshop

SAATHI 2021-2022

Innovators For Change – Stage II

SAATHI has always surprised everyone with its amazing and innovative ideas. Here, we mean the 2nd phase of the ‘Innovators for Change’ activity of SAATHI Enabling Centre of Fergusson College, Pune. The 2nd stage was conducted over a week, beginning from 17th January, 2022 to 25th January, 2022. It was a short period of time,… Continue reading Innovators For Change – Stage II

SAATHI 2021-2022

Innovators For Change – Stage I

Weaving the maps... One of the most exciting activities of SAATHI 'Innovators for Change' is on its way. After the demo session with volunteers and taking the requirements from Blind students, it was decided that the first stage would be introducing blind students to the geographical borders of India and Maharashtra. In the first stage… Continue reading Innovators For Change – Stage I

SAATHI 2021-2022


In Saathi Enabling Centre, the coordinators regularly arrange meetings with blind students to know their requirements to be fulfilled. During one of the meeting, blind students showed great enthusiasm to know about different geographical phenomena and concepts. So, to fulfill this aim the coordinators started forming a team and named the activity "Innovators For Change".… Continue reading INNOVATORS FOR CHANGE – Geography Edition

SAATHI 2021-2022

World Disability Day Celebration

3rd December, 2021,The World Disability Day was celebrated in the best spirits in Fergusson College, Pune. The SAATHI team did great work in the Social Outreach field. The event specially focused on how people are never ‘disabled’ but ‘differently abled’. The aim of the event was to celebrate our abilities over disabilities because everyone is… Continue reading World Disability Day Celebration

SAATHI 2021-2022

SOEC Orientation Programme

December 3, 2021Social Outreach and Enabling Centre (SOEC), an active organization of Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune, aims at promoting social and environmental awareness. Various sub-organizations under SOEC give an opportunity to the students to voluntarily engage themselves in various events and activities. In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions were shut down for… Continue reading SOEC Orientation Programme

SAATHI 2021-2022

A3 Cleaning Activity

17th Oct, 2021After a big gap of nearly 2 years the schools and colleges reopened, and Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune, reopened as well. All the students were excited to live the joy of everything they had missed within 2 years. Fergusson College always focuses on overall development of students and hence, encourages students to work… Continue reading A3 Cleaning Activity

SAATHI 2021-2022

Blindness is a Spectrum

17th October, 2021Saathi Team had celebrated SIGHT WEEK from 11th to 17th October, 2021 on the occasion of World sight day(14th October) and White Cane Day (15th October). This activity was celebrated in two stages; in the first stage, volunteers were given the theme ‘Blindness Is A Spectrum’ and were told to express what they… Continue reading Blindness is a Spectrum

SAATHI 2021-2022

Farewell to the Batch of 2021

We came as strangers and we are leaving as family, is what was probably going through every student’s mind during the farewell for SAATHI batch of 2021. Everything must have a beginning and an end, and here’s how the evening began – the farewell was scheduled on 15th July 2021, at 4:30 p.m. Sonal, with… Continue reading Farewell to the Batch of 2021

Saathi 2020-2021

14. Saathi/SOEC Valedictorian

On the 16th of June, in a short meet along with blind students and student coordinators, the Teacher Coordinator of Saathi, Dr. Santosh Dhotre sir announced new coordinators for the academic year 2021-22. The programme began at 5 p.m. with Dhiraj welcoming everyone and giving a brief overview of the year. The student coordinators Bhakti… Continue reading 14. Saathi/SOEC Valedictorian

Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend #Finale

With the end of Day 1, and spirits pumped, came Day 2. The second day of the Saathi Trivia Weekend was one to be filled with nervousness, competitiveness, and anticipation. Anticipation for the fun, the games, the interaction, and the much-awaited prize distribution.  The four teams Jagat Bhari, Nusta Rada, Bass Ka Bhava, and Vishay… Continue reading Saathi Trivia Weekend #Finale

Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-3 #Jagatbhari

For Team Jagatbhari, a WhatsApp group was created by the leaders Ishika, Sanika, Parikshit, and Aditi, encouraging participants to interact and enjoy. The group was named Jagatbhari, which conveyed our genuine, downright feelings. Four subteams were formed - Online Chichore, Golmaal Crew, Hera Pheri, and Dostana Express, and one of these teams would represent Team… Continue reading Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-3 #Jagatbhari

Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-4 #VishayHard

Team Vishay Hard was the fourth team in Saathi Trivia Weekend whose interaction was scheduled on May 1, 2021, at 6:30 PM. Because there were students from the first year who still hadn’t visited the college, a short video was played for them in the beginning. This video had memories from last year’s events conducted… Continue reading Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-4 #VishayHard

Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-2 #BassKaBhava

 On the occasion of Maharashtra Day, Team #BasssKaBhava had a traditional dress as its theme. At 4.00 p.m., everyone joined the session dressed in Maharashtrian attire. The program opened with a round of introduction called ‘Main Hero Apni Movie Ka’. Each person had to introduce themselves in the light of their favorite movie character, or… Continue reading Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-2 #BassKaBhava

Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-1 #NustaRada

All the covid-19 news, work, and no play make Jack and Jill dull, sad people. That’s exactly how everyone felt staring at their screens with hours of online lectures, assignments and receiving no good news whenever students checked their phones. Saathi Trivia weekend was like a breath of fresh air filled with positivity and fun… Continue reading Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-1 #NustaRada

Saathi 2020-2021

7. Admission and Scholarship Forms

Sometime during mid-March, the Pandemic hit the world, and students of all the colleges faced major problems adapting to the new online method of learning and appearing for exams from home. For the blind students, the challenges were a level harder, but a team of Saathi volunteers was set up to assist the blind students… Continue reading 7. Admission and Scholarship Forms

Saathi 2020-2021, upsc

5. Study Sessions for UPSC

Saathi Volunteers helped visually impaired aspirants prepare for Civil Services Examination by recording a huge amount of study material for them and conducting study sessions, solving mock tests, holding discussions on important topics with them, consistently, throughout a time span of seven months, starting from May 2020 to November 2020. During the infamous months of… Continue reading 5. Study Sessions for UPSC

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Conversation with Dr. Kirti Gehlot and Anupama Rathore.

Hello, readers! Hope you all are fine and doing great! Tomorrow, we have a webinar on Let's Record! Whether you have questions on Let's Record or want to know the future plans of Let's Record Initiative, join us in the webinar. We have the story of how and why Vargshikshak & Let's Record were started… Continue reading Conversation with Dr. Kirti Gehlot and Anupama Rathore.