SAATHI 2021-2022

Valedictorian Programme

On 21st May, 2022 Annual Report of Saathi Enabling Centre 2021-22 was presented and published in the presence of Principal Dr. Ravindrasing Pardeshi, Chief Guest Mr. Vishal Palve (Fergusson Alumni, Former Coordinator of Saathi and Founder, Let's Record Initiative), Special Guest Mrs. Shalinee Teke (Help the Blind Foundation). Since 2020-21 was entirely an online-year for… Continue reading Valedictorian Programme

SAATHI 2021-2022

Saathi Trip 2022

20th May, 2022Coming towards the end of the annual year 2021-22, Saathi Enabling Centre arranged an excursion of one day to Mahabaleshwar on Thursday, 19th May. 68 volunteers, who had worked a lot throughout the year and participated actively in Annual Fest, our lovable 12 blind students and the 4 teachers including Saathi's teacher coordinator… Continue reading Saathi Trip 2022

SAATHI 2021-2022

Volunteering at Job Fairs

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is an organization working for the empowerment of persons with disabilities and the underserved through its diverse initiatives focused on providing quality education, accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training and placement based rehabilitation. It facilitates opportunities to enable persons with disabilities and the underserved to keep pace with the rest of… Continue reading Volunteering at Job Fairs

SAATHI 2021-2022

Geology Museum Visit

26th March, 2022SAATHI Enabling Centre always plans various activities in the direction of overall academic understanding for all the specially-abled students so that they do not lag behind in the academic front. As part of the Innovators for Change activity which aimed at providing practical knowledge of geography to the visually impaired students, a geology… Continue reading Geology Museum Visit

SAATHI 2021-2022

Braille Day Exhibition

4th January, 20224th January is observed as World Braille Day, it is the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the ‘Father of Braille’. Braille is the script used by visually impaired people. Saathi Enabling Centre of Fergusson College, Pune; on this occasion, had organized a ‘Braille Fest Exhibition’. The objects showcased and explained by the students… Continue reading Braille Day Exhibition

SAATHI 2021-2022

Innovators For Change – Stage II

SAATHI has always surprised everyone with its amazing and innovative ideas. Here, we mean the 2nd phase of the ‘Innovators for Change’ activity of SAATHI Enabling Centre of Fergusson College, Pune. The 2nd stage was conducted over a week, beginning from 17th January, 2022 to 25th January, 2022. It was a short period of time,… Continue reading Innovators For Change – Stage II

SAATHI 2021-2022

Innovators For Change – Stage I

Weaving the maps... One of the most exciting activities of SAATHI 'Innovators for Change' is on its way. After the demo session with volunteers and taking the requirements from Blind students, it was decided that the first stage would be introducing blind students to the geographical borders of India and Maharashtra. In the first stage… Continue reading Innovators For Change – Stage I

SAATHI 2021-2022


In Saathi Enabling Centre, the coordinators regularly arrange meetings with blind students to know their requirements to be fulfilled. During one of the meeting, blind students showed great enthusiasm to know about different geographical phenomena and concepts. So, to fulfill this aim the coordinators started forming a team and named the activity "Innovators For Change".… Continue reading INNOVATORS FOR CHANGE – Geography Edition

SAATHI 2021-2022

Blindness is a Spectrum

17th October, 2021Saathi Team had celebrated SIGHT WEEK from 11th to 17th October, 2021 on the occasion of World sight day(14th October) and White Cane Day (15th October). This activity was celebrated in two stages; in the first stage, volunteers were given the theme ‘Blindness Is A Spectrum’ and were told to express what they… Continue reading Blindness is a Spectrum

Journey of Vargshikshak, let's Record

3 Years : India’s Let’s Record Initiative for Visually Challenged Students

Today marks the third anniversary of an incredible initiative that has brought light to the lives of many visually impaired students across India. Three years ago, during a lockdown that left many feeling lost and helpless, We saw an opportunity to make a difference. We started the "Let's Record" initiative, an entirely non-profit effort to… Continue reading 3 Years : India’s Let’s Record Initiative for Visually Challenged Students

FAQ Section

Why is there a need to Record books separately if various apps provide the service ?

1) Why is there a need to record books separately if various apps provide the service of reading out any typed text?A- Not just apps but even Google talk-back does the same thing. But using talk back is a complicated and time consuming process. Recorded books become easier to access and to listen to than… Continue reading Why is there a need to Record books separately if various apps provide the service ?