Guest Lecture, SAATHI 2019-2020

5) Guest Lectures

Fayaz, an ex-Fergussonian (Computer Teacher) visited the college along with Head of Manobal Foundation, Manjushri Madam and a VI Student who cracked MPSC Exam.

  • Fayaz, an ex-Fergussonian, visited the college and met the students to motivate them to work for Saathi and society. He is a blind ex-student of Fergusson College and has learned how to operate a computer very well. His impairment didn’t stop him from learning a computer language. He graduated from FC and then has worked in a company for some time after which he joined as a teacher in Manobal Foundation. He has an ear for music and can play basuri (flute) really well.

  • Manjushri Madam from the Foundation also came along with Fayaz to speak about her journey to social work. She also talked about how Manobal Foundation works under Deepasthambh and how they are trying to make the world a better place for one and all. Deepasthambh is an initiative by Mr. Ujvendra Mahajan.

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  • Another student who has cracked MPSC was called to guide aspiring students regarding the exam. All the students were deeply moved and more determined thus, making the event a great success.

To know more about Manobal Foundation, many of our NSS Volunteers visited Manobal later.

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