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Why we need Let’s Record?

We are often asked that when we already have audiobook platforms like Sugam Pustakalay, N.A.B. India, Book Share, and software like Text-to-Speech available in our phones, then why is there a need to run an initiative like Let’s record?

The first thing is, we cannot compare any two NGOs. All of them are working towards the good of the community. All the NGOs mentioned above are already widespread. We are a small initiative working towards our aim of building a single largest Volunteering Platform to solve the problem of unavailability of learning resources for Visually Challenged students.

We asked the above question to a few Blind Students from different regions and we received responses which clearly say that we do need initiatives like Let’s Record. Read them here to know the views of those who are benefitting from Let’s Record. (Please note :: we have added only a few feedbacks. We will be adding more views in the same folder soon.)

  • Future?

Being a Coordinator of Let’s Record, Vishal Palve met a few people, discussed the project of Let’s Record and we are still trying to highlight this issue. [Let’s Record Petition]

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