Saathi 2020-2021, Trivia

Saathi Trivia Weekend : Team-2 #BassKaBhava

 On the occasion of Maharashtra Day, Team #BasssKaBhava had a traditional dress as its theme. At 4.00 p.m., everyone joined the session dressed in Maharashtrian attire. The program opened with a round of introduction called ‘Main Hero Apni Movie Ka’. Each person had to introduce themselves in the light of their favorite movie character, or a character to which they relate the most. While doing so, everyone explained why they related themselves to those characters, giving an insight into their personal selves.

The four sub-teams were named after Marathi synonyms for friendship (or Saathi) as – Yaari, Maitri, Dosti, and Jigri. The team games began right after the introductions. Each team had to play three games based on the scores of which a winning team would be declared. The first game was ‘Samajhne Wale ko Ishara Kaafi’ wherein the teams had to describe different objects to another team without using certain taboo words given to them. It was a brainy game and fun to watch team members come up with out-of-the-box descriptions for objects which one uses in their day-to-day lives like pen, clock, computer, book.

The next game, ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ was a trivia quiz, but with a twist. The teams were displayed three statements on four different topics, namely, Bollywood, IPL, Pune, and Fergusson. Members had to rightly identify the incorrect statement or the lie to gain points. The most engaging part was the one where everyone got to know fun facts about Fergusson College through the quiz, especially the students of the first year who are longing to study in and discover the vast campus.

Teams were sent to separate break-out rooms in the third game, which was ‘Tongue Twisters!’. Every team was given a tongue twister to learn and the number of correct repetitions by each of the members was to be scored. As each team had blind students and volunteers, the main aim here was to make close interaction happen between them. As feedback, one of the blind students stated that their sub-team had great coordination while interacting in the break-out room. Due to time constraints, this activity could not be continued for long, but the teams were scored on coordination among their members for it. Team Dosti, the winning team was to represent Team #BasssKaBhava in the Finale with the organizers after bagging the Ticket to Finale.

Right before moving to the last segment of Experience Sharing, a video compilation of memories from last year’s Saathi Fest and from the everyday campus life around Fergusson was played for first-year students who had not visited Saathi or even Fergusson, for that matter, due to the pandemic, to get a glance at life in A3 (Saathi’s room). For those who had a chance to attend classes on-campus and experience the fun, it was a heart-warming nostalgia-filled in a five-minute video tuned to songs of friendship and celebration. Everyone fell silent for a moment with the bittersweet longing to be at college brimming their hearts.

A platform was created for everyone to write what they felt about Saathi or what Saathi made them feel in the experience sharing segment ‘One Word for Saathi’. The responses overwhelmed everyone. It brought out the attachment and dedication volunteers and students have for Saathi. The dais was open for people to share their experiences where participants spoke about the excitement which the two-day event of Saathi Trivia Weekend brought with it, their individual experiences all through the year with Saathi, and the satisfaction it was brought to them. With one of the volunteers gleefully saying “Saathi sathi kahi pan!” (Anything for Saathi!), the Day-1 program ended on a note of excitement for Day-2, the Finale.

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